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Welcome to the Blood Simple website!

Blood Simple is a WoW guild, dedicated to becoming a premier end game raiding guild. The guild was created by a core group of players/friends who are proven core raiders on the Ysera server. We strive not only to be successful in our raiding endeavors, but to have fun in game with experiencing old/new content, dungeons, questing, achievements, PvP, and whatever else our members are seeking.

Currently, we are recruiting the classes listed on the right of this page in an effort to bolster our core 10 man raid group. If we sound like a good fit for you, please feel free to contact Lilina (Guild Master), Myrious, or Spekter in game for more information. We're happy to run some dungeons, or include you as a pug in our next raid to see if you'd be a good fit! If you see fit, please fill out an application via the "Join Blood Simple" link in the registration portion of the website.
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Firelands - 4/7

pmac1328, Aug 8, 11 1:18 PM.
Blood Simple obtained guild level 16 and pushed to 4/7 in Firelands last week with victories over Baleroc and Lord Rhyolith. It looks like our work from the week prior paid off with Baleroc, as he went down easily on our 2nd attempt. Lord Rhyolith, brand new to us, took a number of attempts, but after finding a sound strat that worked for us, we downed him the first time we had a solid push into phase 2. Both of these bosses are on notice, as we plan on farming you week in and week out from here on. With a bit of practice on Alysrazor in the books, she should fall soon, and we're on to Majordomo and then Ragnaros.

Grats to all, and we look forward to pushing further into Firelands and growing as a guild!
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